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The state-of-the-art Pay & Display machines distributed by our company fulfil in every respect the requirements of the customers. The machines can be monitored through the management system around the clock. The power supply can be solved with fix or night current, battery or solar energy as well.

Payment options include coins, notes, parking cards, and contactless bankcards, such as Mastercard PayPass and Visa PayWave cards.

The installed base of our Pay & Display machines is more than 1,000 pieces, they can be found in Budapest as well as in several cities in the country, e.g. in Szeged, Szombathely, Veszprém, Kaposvár, to name a few only.

DBM offers off-street parking solutions for convenient, safe and secure parking. Besides functionality and practicality, a successful car park management system integrates efficient and low-maintenance pay machines and barrier systems. We supply turnkey systems which meet your specifications in terms of available space, no matter whether you need ON-STREET or OFF-STREET parking solutions. Off street parking projects could be implemented at hospitals, housing complexes, office buildings, shopping malls, cinemas, airports, railway stations, auditoriums and fairgrounds.

The Park-Liva products of the HERMANN Automation GmbH provide a convenient and future-proof operation of the parking systems. A combination of enhanced production processes and intelligent solution developments make Park-Liva a flexible and high-performance car park management system.

Missing charging infrastructure in many countries is still the biggest inhibitor for a wider adoption and success of emission-free electric vehicles. Many countries and cities in Europe have recognized that providing a sufficient charging infrastructure will boost significantly the adoption rate of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, leading to dramatically reduced air pollution and noise in particular in larger cities.

DBM offers an extensive range of intelligent and connected charging stations for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles for the public market. With the recently introduced new AC charging stations specifically designed for applications in semi-public and private areas, i.e. hotels, fairs, airports, restaurants and customer and employee parking lots, there is now a complete portfolio for public authorities as well as industrial organizations. Together with the new installation options “wall mounting” and “free-standing pedestal”, DBM is able to cover any customer scenario.

DBM and eluminocity have decided to team up to deliver the most advanced charging solutions to Hungary, including an extensive range of charging stations for electric vehicles. The partnership with eluminocity enables DBM to offer up-to-date charging stations for every kind of purpose combined with its unique and innovative services. Furthermore, the new partnership enables companies to offer modern services to their customers, partners and employees through providing electric charging possibilities.


DBM became the leading company in the branch of ticket validator systems for public transport. The electronic ticket validator NJ has earned its reputation as a traditional and reliable ticketing device for paper tickets. It is made of a solid aluminium lockable case and boasts an avante garde design. The product has benefited from years of constant improvement which has come about through its infield experiences. The NJ has therefore evolved into a state of the art, easy to maintain, easy to use compact device.

With the ticket validator products of the Chech company Mikroelektronika we established a stable position in the Hungarian market, more than 1600 validators are in use in Budapest and close to 200 pcs in Miskolc.